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You may watch our intoductory video at the right side. Our journal which you are viewing now is one of our backup work for our training. Other then journal we have recorded videos for our stuedents. And to support and to speed up our training we have live stream videos.


We keep brifing our students via conferences and summits we are going to held with actual topics.

For just now you may have an idea watching a few of our presentations as an example.

Conferences which PayDeg is supporting; Roll Out Cloud

Supporting Small Businesses

PayDeg is going to support small business which do not even have any server. We are giving training how to use Cloud Computing to ease their daily work. Showing how to arrange collaboration in small business easily.

There are many free tools for Small Businesses, Hangouts at Google Plus is one of them. PayDeg will keep giving information about them.


Hangout on Air
Hangout OnAir - Broadcast at Google Plus

What kind of training technics we are using?

Face to face training, online training, short videos and journal..

We have two options for our face to face training;

    1. In a classroom with at least 6 attendees
    2. At your place (For Turkey and Middle East) at least 8 attendees

We believe continous training, therefore we are supporting our face to face training with short videos and journals.

We are also preparing online training content which will last for 15-20 minutes videos.

What are we doing to support Small Business?

PayDeg is going to support small business first letting them to know what is Cloud Computing. Then, with our consultancy advicing how to use it and giving training about how to use Cloud Computing to ease the daily work.

Please visit PayDeg's web page and ask more..


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