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You may watch our intoductory video at the right side. Our journal which you are viewing now is one of our backup work for our training. Other then journal we have recorded videos for our stuedents. And to support and to speed up our training we have live stream videos.


We keep brifing our students via conferences and summits we are going to held with actual topics.

For just now you may have an idea watching a few of our presentations as an example.

What is Cloud Computing
Roles in Cloud Computing


What kind of roles are there in the Cloud?

In the middle Cloud Provider, which is the organization or corporation providing the service to the cloud users

At bottom Cloud Carrier is the organization or a company-ISP or Telecom- which carries services from Cloud providers to Cloud users..

Cloud Auditor who is evaluating performance and security issues for cloud service. Should be independent organization or a company like CSA-cloud security alliance.

Between users and providers or between providers Cloud Broker via using cloud services does arbitrage work. Cloud Broker may combine different services from different provider and present cloud services as a turn-key solution. This solution provides central control and eases federation and integration.

Cloud User Who uses the services provided by Cloud Provider.

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