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Hands on Office

GDrive - Google Docs
Here is a video how to create a document at GDrive - GoogleDocs.
I tried to create a letter Template for my company.

In the second video I tried to show you how to edit a document.
I choose to use the template I just created.


Life long continous learning is important to compete in today’s business conditions. To be powerful and to be equipped training is a must.

We as PayDeg designed our Office traning to support you and to let you use the software much more efficiently and purposive for your own business needs.   

As PayDeg we can train students for basic business solutions to let them a step ahead of their competitiors in the business life after graduation. We have especially designed Office course just for this porpose.

If you consider our Office training, please check it out our web page PayDeg training.

PayDeg’s training can be customized like a puzzle according to your needs. Please do not forget to fill up our Necessity Analysis to let us manage your traning.


Second Tip

How to prepare own template?

Ms Word;
Click on the round Office butto at the left top corner and at the opened menu go over the "Save as" and let the second menu be open. Then click on"Word Template". "Save as" windows opens, give a file name and be sure to see "dotx" extension.

Open Office;
Click on "File" menu and choose "Save As", or click on then after giving a file name be sure to see "ott" extension.

Google Docs;
First prepare your template as a document. At the main page of Google Drive choose by clicking in the box on the left and at the top menu click on More and choose Submit as template Fill the blanks and choose appropriate choices and click on Submit Template button. You will be forwarded to Google Docs Template Gallery's My Templates tab.After a while you may see your template file. It is ready to use..

Office 365;
If you have Office2007 or 2010 installed on your pc you can prepare your templates and when saving as a docx at the address bar at "Save As" window type your TeamSite Documents address. This way your document will be saved at your site Office365. To let everyone at your site to use the templates, you may upload them into Sharepoint library.

PayDeg's Office tips- Word Template

PayDeg's Office tips- Gdrive Template

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