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E-Commerce Management

First the definition, What is E-Commerce? It is selling any kind of product via electronic fund or credit card over internet..

What we need for E-Commerce? Let us revise. We said "over internet" at definition, so we need a web site. Okay what do we need for a web site? First of all we need a domain name. Okay what is domain name? Your internet browser - what is this browser? A piece of software lets us reach to web sites over internet. For example, internet explorer, Google chrome, firefox, etc.. Yes, let's return back, domain name actually is the name we write at the address bar of the browser. There are many extensions of the domain name, like com, In our contry Turkey ODTÜ is the main official registrar. You may find more information about domain name; domain name .. If you do not want to get the domain name by yourself , there are many companies which would do the job for you, as PayDeg we would help to you too.. All companies are applying to ODTÜ for tr domains on the behalf of you.

Yes, let's say we bought the domain name, domain is not enough to publish our web site. You also need disk space for your web site files and control-management panel to help you upload and control your files and DNS server service to let everyone reach your files. After getting your domain name having web hosting service is a must. Most of the time web hosting service includes disk space, dns server service and management panel. We have many companies offer these kind of services in Turkey-->



Yes, while thinking about web hosting and domaine name we should not forget about the software for the web site. First of all we should decide the purpose of the web site.. Since our topic is e-commerce web site should take care of e-commerce issues.

May be we should first should take a good look at the e-commerce issues, you may find some information about its components below.


And E-Commerce components..

I think the picture I prepared for you is a good example for the components of e-commerce and their connections. Next to supplier, customer, bank, tax, accounting and insurance, to provide continuity the most important isuue is logistics. of course the Law connetions also must be considered in every step. At right you are seeing the e-commers processes..E-commerce PayDeg


And things must be at E-commerce web site..

  • Detailed views of products- detailed explanation of the produts
  • Product stock information
  • Information about limitations
  • Feedback options for customers satisfaction/complaint
  • Forcing options to sell other products (ex: what others bought with the product I'm interested in)
  • Search functions

Shop definition and sales structure

E-commerce web site must be thought like a shop and its definition should be in the first priority. It's target people must be identified. Sales structure should be considered like a shop. The human resources for logistics, sales and accounting processes should be hosting at back. DO NOT FORGET, if you think like a customer and be aware of customer needs and prepare your shop-web site accordingly SUCCESS will be yours.. -->>

E-Commerce processes

  • Electronic trading of products and services,
  • Production planning and forming production chain,
  • Introduction, advertising and briefing,
  • Placing orders,
  • Agreements/settlements,
  • Electronic bank transfers,
  • Electronic consignment note,
  • Customs,
  • Electronically observing production,
  • Electronically observing delivery,
  • Collective design and engineering,
  • Electronic public buyings,
  • Processes related to electronic money,
  • Booking and monitoring commercial records,
  • Direct sales to customers,
  • Distribution of numerical numbers in time,
  • Create information and distribute in time,
  • Electronic taxing,
  • Intellectual, industrial and commercial ownership rights and transfer.


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